首页 to Boston’s bustling financial district and many of its iconic landmarks, the Downtown area is one of the most popular areas for visitors. 旅行团, 商务旅行者, and even educational groups will likely find themselves among the towering buildings and historic sites in this area. If you’re looking for things to fill your Downtown Boston itinerary during your visit, 你来对地方了! 的 买球推荐软件app排名 team has compiled some of the top things to explore downtown, 同时确保你安全到达那里.



Booking a charter bus rental in Boston can improve the travel experience in Downtown and throughout the city. Group travel already comes with a long list of stressors, 繁忙的波士顿市中心街道也在其中! 买球推荐软件app排名的网络包括一个 variety of minibus and charter bus rentals in Boston for different groups to choose from for every occasion.

A private charter bus rental can keep your group traveling together in one vehicle, avoiding the need for stressful caravans or several rideshares. Your Boston charter bus rental will also include a professional driver familiar with the local roads to handle your hectic transportation needs! 小团体可以在舒适紧凑的房间里放松 租用15人小巴 for private tours to Downtown sites, while larger groups can take advantage of full-size charter bus rentals for up to 56 passengers. 通过电话预订您的波士顿巴士租赁 617-314-7577 享受机上WiFi等便利设施, 电源插座, and plush seating as your driver shuttles you to these top things to do around Downtown Boston.



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波士顿的2.5英里 买球推荐软件app排名 is lined with 17  historic sites that were pivotal during the American Revolutionary War era and are among the most-visited locations in the city. 这条小径从 买篮球的app推荐 in Downtown and winds up to the Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown. 在17个地点中, 一些亮点包括旧州议会大厦, 买篮球的app推荐, 保罗·里维尔住宅, 美国宪法, 和法尼尔大厅市场.

包车租赁小贴士租用波士顿的包车, your groups can shuttle between locations or opt to walk and get picked up at the end of the 2.5英里. Only have a short amount of time to see highlights? Build a personalized itinerary and travel according to your schedule with a personal shuttle.


Organize a picnic at the 买篮球的app推荐 or the Public Garden


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Downtown Boston is home to some of the city’s most beautiful green spaces, including the historic 买篮球的app推荐 and adjoining Boston Public Garden. 的se sprawling parks are the perfect place to take a break after exploring the busy Downtown area, 准备一条野餐用的毯子, 或者甚至举办一个特别的户外活动. 视季节而定, you can enjoy blooming tulips and other gorgeous flowers, 像冬季滑冰这样的活动, 甚至可以在水上租赁天鹅船.

包车租赁小贴士: 的 area around the 买篮球的app推荐 can be exceptionally busy. As your group unloads your charter bus or minibus around the parks, 一定要尽快完成, 就像许多其他旅行团可能做的一样.


的 Downtown section of the Boston Waterfront lies just east of I-93 and is an easy walk or short charter bus ride away. 这个历史悠久的海滨是 买球推荐软件app排名 这里到处都是海鲜餐厅, 码头, 高档酒店, 和码头的海滨照片和景观. Stroll over to Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park or Long Wharf, 在Boston Sail Loft或James Hook吃点东西 & Co.,享受海港外的微风.

包车租赁小贴士: Designated bus loading areas along the waterfront can be found at Atlantic Avenue, 就在罗维斯码头北边的东侧, and on the north side of Congress Street at Fort Point Channel.

silhouettes of people enjoying a theater perfromance


Boston’s 的ater District is the arts hub of the Downtown area. 的 district was established in 1870 and houses historic venues like the 波士顿歌剧院威尔伯剧院和王剧院. Grab group tickets to a Broadway show at an opulent venue, then consider hopping over to local watering holes like 的 Tam or nightlife locations like Royale.

包车租赁小贴士:乘坐波士顿私人包车, you can enjoy an after-show drink or a night out without worrying about a DD. Your professional driver will serve as a built-in DD and safely shuttle your entire group to and from the theater district.


波士顿是建筑爱好者的乐园, with the Downwoan area illustrating examples of Colonial, 希腊复兴式, 联邦, 野兽派, 罗马式风格, 仅举几个例子. One of the best ways for groups of architecture lovers to explore Downtown’s many buildings is on foot. However, it’s understandable that not every traveler can hoof it around Downtown all afternoon. Book a charter bus rental in Boston and explore Downtown architectural highlights at your own leisure. 建筑亮点包括波士顿市政厅, 马萨诸塞州议会大厦, 千禧塔, 海关大楼, 和老南聚会所. 你有多余的时间吗? Shuttle throughout the city to see highlights of other neighborhoods like Prudential Center and Trinity Church in Back Bay.

包车租赁小贴士如果你想要跳上一跳, 跳船式旅游, just keep in mind that Boston has strict loading and unloading policies, 还有超大车辆的空转规则.



Boston has a long list of big events that happen every year, 包括许多发生在市中心的事件. 买球推荐软件app排名 can help groups of locals and visitors attend annual events in downtown like Boston Harborfest in July and Boston Pride in June. 有私人班车服务, you can keep your group of festival-goers together for easy arrival and departure at packed event venues around the downtown area.

包车租赁小贴士: Minibus rentals are typically the best choice for groups of festival goers. 的 Boston charter buses in our network include smaller models ranging from 15-passenger vehicles to 35-passenger rides.


你有吗? questions about booking a charter bus rental in Boston? 该团队全天候待命  617-314-7577 to answer your questions about booking, including any inquiries about 波士顿巴士租赁价格! Call anytime to get a free quote for your next tour, 郊游, or special event happening around Downtown Boston or across the city.